LG G5 Τips & Τricks #1

LG has unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the LG G5, at this year’s Mobile World Congress – and it’s much more than a simple iterative update from the LG G4.The LG G5 is packed full of cool new features – making this a very exciting new smartphone.

Lets see some Tips & Tricks:

1.Always On Mode

The LG G5 aims to make life easier for habitual phone-checkers with an always-on display that will constantly show the time, date and various notifications.

Although the screen is always on, it’s designed to be as power efficient as possible, and it means you can quickly glance at the LG G5’s display to get all the information you need – ideal if you’re in a meeting.


You can quickly unlock the LG G5 by placing your finger on the power button, which includes a built-in fingerprint sensor that’s handily placed on the back of the phone, making it easy to reach.

3.Change Battery

LG still allows you to change the battery of the LG G5.

Even better, thanks to the new cartridge-like ‘magic slot’ – more on that in a bit – it’s now easier than ever to quickly replace the battery, as you no longer need to pry off the back of the handset.





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