Tricks to make your Android Smartphone Super Fast

It is very logical that the possibilities of a mobile phone depends on the Hardware. A phone with a better configuration Hardware is faster (and expensive). The speed and efficiency also depends on how the applied software using the Hardware. This is a hint that the change of the phone or the custom ROM installation are not the only options available.

Introduction to Chrome, Chrome Custom Tags and Web View:
The WebView (Web View) is a component of the system that is powered by Chrome and Android allows applications to display web content faster. The Chrome Custom Tabs allow applications to load webpages faster.
The Chrome Custom Tabs implemented manually by programmers in each application you use. Here comes Chromer. This allows you to use the Custom Tabs yourself.
Modify settings and increase the transition speed of the animation:
Android phones include a manufacturer’s secret menu options hidden from users until you unlock. In this special menu is a series of three settings that control how fast play animations of a mobile phone. By tweaking these settings, you can double the speed of these animations and therefore, your smartphone will be much faster than it was before.
Here is all you need to do:
– >> In the Settings app for Android smartphone / your tablet, scroll down and tap About Phone
– >> Find the entry titled build number and press repeatedly seven times
– >> Press the back button and you will see a new Developer options menu, above the About Phone
– >> Through the manufacturer’s option menu, scroll down and find the following three settings: the Windows animation scale, animation scale Transition and Animator duration scale. By default, each is set to 1x. Open them one at a time and change the 1x to 5x.
This was the animation transitions now have a higher transition speed, and now your phone will appear much faster than before.
Other ways include installing a cleaning tool such as SD Maid, or a RAM memory management tool such as Memory Booster-RAM.




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