LG G5: Officially metal construction and modular design [MWC 2016]

The LG G5 is made of metal, with no unsightly lines we are used in metal smartphones for the antennas. The single line is on the lower side of the partition. Therein lies the hinge part, which is removed to have access to the battery, the slot for cards and various add-ons.

The first addon is a camera grip, the LG Cam Plus. You can add the 1100mAh cell phone battery, hardware controls, shutter button and video button zoom. Moreover, there is Bang & Olufsen DAC for better sound quality, while LG will open standard allowing third-party developers to create even more add-ons.
In other features, the LG G5 comes with a screen 5.3-inch qHD LCD with always-on mode, has a special memory and secondary chip to not always be the main processor mode when the screen is open 24/7, this chip consumes only 0.8% of the battery time.
The dual selfie camera of LG V10 came and LG G5, but not on the front side, but as a main camera on the back. The camera has a 75 ° Field of View (FoV) and sensor 16 Megapixel, the second camera 135 ° FoV and sensor 8 Megapixel. The images from both cameras can be combined with various effects and previewing in real time. The front camera is 8 Megapixel.
We arrive and the “normal” features of LG G5, where we processor Snapdragon 820, RAM memory 4GB, 32GB built-in memory expandable via microSD card. Thickness 7.5-8 mm. and relatively small 2800mAh battery. Under the dual-camera sensor is a fingerprint.
The LG G5 will start to be available early April.

photo 1

photo 2




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