Windows 10 CPU Temperature Problem:How to Fix your Hot PC! (How-to)

Many Windows 10 users complain about Windows 10 CPU temperature issue. Of course the high temperature is not a good sign,because it reduces the performance of your PC and sometimes can cause permanent damage to your computer. So today  i will show you how you can fix this heat issue in Windows 10.
Let’s see what are the steps:

Use Power- Troubleshooter & check virtues issues
First enter troubleshooting in the Search bar
Select Troubleshooting
On the left side select View
Click on Power-Troubleshooter
Then click next and follow the instructions

photo 2

Perform a Clean Boot
The net activation does disable any apps that start together with Windows 10. By default, the Windows 10 boot with just the core applications. But as you add more software to your Windows, the greater the chance to start it with your Windows. The launch of Windows 10 with additional installed software applications or expends a lot of CPU and of course increases the temperature of the machine. So you have to disable unwanted applications and software.

Hide all Microsoft services

Press Windows + R key
Type ‘msconfig’
When you open the System Configuration window click on Services
On the Services tab check, «Hide all Microsoft services» at the bottom and click on «Disable all» button.
Then click on ‘apply’ then ‘Ok’.
You will be prompted to restart your computer. Do it.

photo 3

Turn off services to Windows startup

Press Windows + R key
Type ‘msconfig’
When you open the System Configuration window, click on the Startup tab, and open the Task Manager
When you open the Task Manager window, you will need to go back to the Startup tab
You will see the list of all the applications that start together with Windows 10. Select and disable the services you do not want to boot with the Windows 10.
Close Task Manager and return to the System Configuration window
Click OK and then restart your computer
Clean your CPU fan or replace.



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