Instagram Bug in Android

instagram-logoA new feature of Instagram that allows multiple accounts comes with a warning to Android users: there is a bug that shares your privacy notifications and instant messages with other users.

If you share access to an account with other Instagram users on android, you may have noticed that your direct messages and notifications to staff, not your shared account and sent to them.


More specifically, let’s say that you and I have a personal Instagram account and every one of us has access to a third, shared account. If someone sends me an instant message to my personal account, and you may receive a notice for the personnel, instant message, even if it is not sent to you or to our shared account.
According to Android Central, the press in the notice does not give you access to another person’s account and can not respond to messages, fortunately. Pressing the notice does not concern you will simply take you directly to your account Instagram.
However, you can still see a fairly large piece of private information, if you are having this bug, including comments and instant messaging, and even be able to see how come these messages directly.
This bug appeared with the update for Instagram that allows users to stay connected to multiple accounts and easily there is interaction between. We are surprised that the error was not detected in time, since the operation began to be tested on Android since November, but this does not seem to happen every Android user.
The Android Central contacted Instagram, which said that “it is aware of this issue and is working on a solution.”




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